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Tree Care

Tree care is a very significant aspect to for consideration.  When trees are left unattended too long they poses a serious probably during heavy rain and wind storms.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming is an important task that should be completely on every tree several times during it’s life cycle.  Proper trimming habits will make an unkept and disproportional tree into a well balanced tree

Tree Removal

When trees approach the end of their life cycle, are diseased, or pose a potential problem should a storm occur; tree removal is the proper choice of action to take

Stump Grinding

After a tree has fallen or tree removal service has been performed, the stump is left.  This is usually an akward looking part of the tree protruding from the ground yet not providing and benefit form a traditional tree.

Storm Clean Up

When heavy winds and rain storms occur trees can easily fall down or branches can break off and create a mess.  9 Oaks Tree Service can help you with this!

Brush Pick Up

If you just trimmed your trees at your property or even totally removed a few trees but do not have access to a trailer?  Give us a call.  9 Oaks Tree Service will come to your property and pick up the brush and haul it away for you.

Emergency Service

9 Oaks Tree Service is readily available for emergency tree services.  Our dedicated phone line is available 24/7 to receive and answer calls at anytime.  Please feel free to call us.