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Storm Clean Up

When heavy winds and rain storms occur trees can easily fall down or branches can break off and create a mess.  9 Oaks Tree Service can help you with this!


Do not wait after a storm for Clean Up


Often time homeowners or business owners will wait longer than advised to hire a tree removal service to perform the clean up from a storm.  This poses a problem due to the heavy weight of tree limbs and trees.  The longer the weight sits on a home or building; this increases the likelihood of structural damage.  Also, as the tree limbs or tree sits on a structure, it is not in a secure location.  This can increase the damage after a slip or roll; as well as pose serious dangers for anyone near the building.

9 Oaks Tree Service has a dedicated phone line that is on 24/7 for emergency storm clean up services.  Simply call our phone and we will perform work at a moments notice.  We have worked in storm clean up services and we know the proper strategy to perform such work.

If insurance is a point of interest for you for storm clean up services; we will gladly work with your insurance agency.  We are here for you; whatever we can do to assist you please let us know.  Contact us here anytime for your tree service needs.