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St. Paul, MN Stump Grinding

St. Paul Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding in Woodbury, MN

After a tree has fallen or tree removal service has been performed, the stump is left.  This is usually an awkward looking part of the tree protruding from the ground yet not providing and benefit form a traditional tree nor the aesthetics of a beautiful tree.  When this occurs a stump grinding service is a great choice.

Stump grinding is performed by using a small machine that slowly chips away at the stump of a free.  The stump grinder will dig into the stump as it chips the wood into small pieces.  After the stump grinding is finished, we rake up all the debris and throw it away.  What is left is a depression several inches deep.  After this we can cover the depression with fresh dirt and grass seed.  New grass will grow where the stump once was.

In addition to stump grinding, 9 Oaks Tree Service can also perform tree trimming or tree removal.  Please take a look at our services page, and contact us when you are ready for this service.