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Tree Trimming in St. Paul MN

Servicing the entire Twin Cities Metro

St. Paul Tree Trimming

9 Oaks Tree Service provides great tree trimming services for St. Paul and surrounding areas.  We believe we are the best choice in tree trimming services because we educated ourselves on the best practices when performing tree trimming service.  There is a difference between the way we perform tree services and they way others do.  We look to provide precision and excellence in all of our services.  We also provide excellent tree removal and stump grinding services.

We exercise a lot of caution and safety when we perform our tree trimming services.  The first thing we will do is perform a walk through of the entire property looking for hazards in the locations where we will cut down or drop the trees.  Our crews have trained to be able to closely estimate a height of a tree and know the distance and angle in which to “drop” or cut down the tree.  This is important because once we start cutting the tree and the tree leans and falls there is no turning back.  9 Oaks Tree Service plans and executes the proper cutting angle and where to drop the tree; this ensures safety to ourselves as well as the surrounding landscapes of the property we are performing a tree trimming service.

In addition to a great tree trimming service, we can also perform a stump grinding service once the tree is cut down. Our stump grinding machines will chip away at the stump and essentially cut it up.  After that we rake up all the wood chips and cover the area with dirt and seed where new grass will grow.

We also perform other great services such storm clean up.  If it deals with trees, we deal with it.  So give us a call and we will gladly come to your property and give you a free estimate.

Stillwater Tree Trimming

Tree trimming service in Stillwater has to be a high level of service.  Stillwater is a beautiful town with a lot of large, fully mature trees.  As trees go through their life cycle there will come times when full tree trimming is a significant service that needs to be performed. That is why 9 Oaks Tree Service is your best choice in hiring a tree removal service.  Contact us today.

Oakdale Tree Trimming

Tree trimming service in Oakdale needs to be a shelf above the rest.  9 Oaks Tree Service is your best choice for a tree trimming service in and around Oakdale, MN.  We are highly trained for careful operation of tree trimming and exercise a lot of care and caution when performing services.  We are not like most tree trimming service.  We will examine trees to determine and safe you the most money when performing tree trimming services.  In addition to tree trimming we also provide great tree removal services as well as emergency storm clean up services.  So give us a call; we will gladly come to your home or business and provide a free estimate.

Woodbury Tree Trimming Service

9 Oaks Tree Service also specializes in Woodbury tree trimming services.  Tree trimming is a great service to perform as its a preventive maintenance of a healthy tree; much like mowing your lawn every week.  When trees become too large and unbalance, they can easily fall down by heavy winds.  A good approach to preventing this is a proper tree trimming service.  When this is performed properly, a tree will be well balance and much more likely to weather a heavy wind or rain storm.  Contact us today; we will give you a free estimate.

Maplewood Tree Trimming

Tree trimming service is very important; and that is why 9 Oaks Tree Service is your best choice in the Maplewood, MN area.  We are highly trained professionals that exercise extreme caution and care when performing tree removal services.  Our crew pays a lot of attention to all the details when planning a tree trimming service and are well educated in the best practices for the industry.  We also provide great tree removal services; so contact us today!

Minneapolis Tree Trimming

9 Oaks Tree Service is your best choice for hiring a tree trimming service in and around Minneapolis, MN.  Our crews specialize in property tree trimming practices as well as the safety and precision while cutting and dropping trees.  Our skills are unmatched and we believe that we will be the last tree trimming service you will ever have to hire.  Please, contact us today!